We offer Armco Steelox Gutter , Fascia, Eave trim, and Downspouts in the following choices:

  • Material: Steel 24 gauge
  • Color: Bone White , Dark Bronze
  • Lengths:  120″ Sections

It is easiest to provide the following information for a quote:

  • # of Runs of gutter you are replacing(e.g. 1 side or both sides):
  • Linear Footage of each run:
  • Do you need new 6×6 corner boxes or are you planning on re-using existing?
  • Eave Height of your building:
  • # of downspouts currently located in each run:
  • Are you in need of new downspouts or do you plan to use existing?
  • Size of Downspouts in each run (3×4 or 4×5):
  • Color of Gutter and/or downspouts (Bone White or Dark Bronze):
  • Are the gutter hangers in need of replacement (eg bent or missing)?:
  • Shipping Zip Code (to calculate freight):
  • Do you have a dock and/or forklift at the destination zip code?

Armco Steelox Gutter profiles

Please use the above profiles as a guide to determine your style of Armco Steelox gutter.

Notice that if your building says “Armco” on the peak you most likely have the Armco Large profile.  You can tell that profile from the others by the extra 1 1/2″ up leg at the top of the gutter.   The Armco Large is by far our most popular style.    The Snow Large is a gutter that is installed so the top of the gutter is even with the bottom pan of the roof sheet.  It is more of a rare installation, in mostly very snowy areas.  The standard style came about more when Steelox was in business about the mid-late 1980’s

Older Building?

Back in the 60’s and 70’s there were self framing style buildings that had a gutter with a 2 1/2″ front face dimension where all the styles shown above show 4″.  Also these gutters hung off the bottom of the roof sheet at the back with a return leg.  This design made the gutter dependent on two factors of your building for its size and shape.   If you require this style, you will need to let us know your roof slope (2:12 or 4:12) and also the height of the standing seam roof sheet (2″, 3″, or 4″).  Since there are so many configurations for this gutter we make this on a project by project basis and don’t list the drawings online since it would confuse the vast majority of of our customers.

Please note that if your gutter does not match one of these profiles, we can still make custom to match. We will need a detailed section drawing showing each leg length and approximate angles desired.

Don’t forget gutter hangers, end dams, outlets, sealant,  & outside corners!

Fascia & Rake Trim profiles

The fascia profiles show above should match the gutter profile you have.  If you have the Armco Large or Snow large gutter, your building should have Large Fascia profile,  Standard gutter matches up to the standard fascia.

Corrugated Downspout: 3×4 & 4×5

Enough downspout is very important and often is the reason your gutters may have rusted in the first place.  This gutter system is a flat gutter system, so downspout should be spaced no more than 30′-0″ O.C. in most applications.  Too far of spacing and water may sit and pool in-between drops.  It is imperative to consider this when ordering new gutter, that you may want to reconfigure your downspout as well.

We stock corrugated steel downspout in the following configurations:

  • Sizes (Nominal):  3×4 and 4×5 corrugated downspout
  • Colors:  Bone White; Dark Bronze
  • Gauge:  24 gauge Steel
  • Types:
    • Downspout Leader or Pipe:  10′-0″(120″) lengths
    • 5″ Offsets:  For a standard 6″ roof overhang to get the downspout from the gutter back to the building face.  This is similar to 2 A elbows, however it makes the necessary 5″ offset, where 2 elbows do not.  They are about 20″ high when assembled for material calculation purposes.
    • “A” Elbows:  To drain water away from the building.  Typically located at the bottom of the downspout assembly.
    • “B” Elbows:  To change directions laterally on the wall (sideways)
  • 1″ Strap bands
  • Outlets in 3×4 or 4×5 – 1 piece stamped type