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Armco Steelox Metal Building

Armco Steelox Building

We are your source for gutter & downspout parts for repair or remodel of your Armco Steelox brand metal building.

Armco Steelox Repair Parts:

We recently discontinued fabrication of most component parts for these buildings. We only offer parts related to the following aspects of your building:

If your question relates to any other aspect of your building, you are probably better off with a local fabricator to custom match parts you may require.

How do I identify the Armco Steelox repair parts I need?

We can Identify the Armco Steelox repair parts you need in multiple ways.

Good ways to identify Armco Steelox repair parts:

  • By 5-digit Steelox part number.  (Number is usually tagged, stenciled, written, or stamped into individual parts.)
  • By Steelox Group number + Part Number
  • Copy of your Armco / Steelox erection drawings showing parts required.
  • A good old fashioned brief description of what it is you’re looking for. We understand that you might not understand our business and we are willing to assist you.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a digital photograph and e-mail it to us as an attachment.
  • Last resort: Contact us and we can talk about what it is. Your part may have been discontinued and not have a part number; however, we can still replicate these parts in many cases.

We cannot track down your required Armco Steelox repair parts by:

We cannot help you identify the armco steelox repair part by:

  • Your original order number: This number usually begins with a “W” and is chalked onto structural columns & rafters.
  • The original builder’s Steelox builder number.
  • Your building’s ship week or date, and/or date of erection.
  • Part numbers off of similar non-Steelox Armco buildings. Sometimes these parts are interchangeable.  Please contact us first if you have a hybrid system or a building by a different manufacturer.
  • Items we offer
    • Gutter:
      • Armco Large
      • Standard
      • Snow
      • Older profiles for 60’s era LS-2 buildings
    • Downspout: 3×4 and 4×5 sizes
    • Gutter Hangers
    • Fascia / Rake Trim
    • Sealants: Silicone & Butyl
    • Mastic Tape
    • Fasteners
  • Items we no longer offer
    • Base Channel
    • Base Zee
    • Panel Foam Closures
    • Pedestrian Doors:
      • Framing
      • Leaves
      • Hardware
    • Overhead Door Framing
    • Panel Clips
    • Windows:
      • Framing
      • Horizontal Window Kits
      • Window Beads & Glazing Tape
    • Louvers:  Operable & Fixed
    • Ridge Components:
      • Channel
      • Cap
      • Vents

Notice! Our component parts are sold as non-engineered component parts. H&H assumes no liability for improper installation and or structural failure due to the replacement or remodel of existing structures. Although we make parts to replicate the original, we cannot guarantee structural integrity of your building. For individual purchase our parts, are not any part of any engineered system. We guarantee our component parts to fit correctly within your existing Armco Steelox brand building however, H&H assumes no responsibility as to the engineering properties, nor can guarantee or provide engineering data of these parts. H&H is not affiliated with Armco or Steelox in any way. Steelox is a registered trademark of Metal Building Components, L.P. (“MBCI”).  Our services and products are not affiliated with or sponsored by MBCI.  Armco Steelox Repair