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If you are looking for Muntz Metal (Yellow Brass) Sheets, Zinc sheet metal, or Copper sheet metal, we may have what you need. We carry many types of soft sheet metal available for sale as sheets, or for fabrication. Note that we do not stock any lead, gold, silver, tin, or bronze even though they are all considered to be part of the “soft metal” family of metals.

Below you will find a listing of normally stocked sizes of soft metals available to purchase. Each sheet is sold individually, or fabricated into custom brake metal or trim profiles of your choosing. Sheets are shipped if needed, on flat skids, or ordered for will call pickup locally in Thornton, CO.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact H&H for availability and lead time.

Different types of soft metal sheet we carry,
what they look like, and typical uses:

Muntz Metal #4 (C28000) Sheet

Muntz Metal is a type of Brass (alpha-beta brass) also known as yellow metal. C28000 Muntz Metal is 60% copper, 40% Zinc with a trace of iron. This brass metal alloy was invented as an alternative to copper to save on costs. With as volatile as the soft metals market has proven to be lately, this is not necessarily the case, so please inquire about current pricing.  Muntz metal, due to its higher Zinc formula, is a higher strength brass, but has lower ductility at room temperatures.

  • Appearance is a Reddish-yellow and weathers to a Red-Brown to Grey-Brown. We carry this sheet in a #4 linear grain brushed finish. This material comes with a PVC film applied.  The back side of the sheets are a mill finish, unprotected surface.
  • Uses include: Decorative Walls, Sculptures, Art, Monuments. You typically see this metal at entrances to public buildings such as courthouses and federal buildings.
X = Normally stocked item
Gauge (thickness)4′ X 10′
0.050″Special Order

Copper Sheet Metal

Copper sheet metal is a very ductile and malleable metal, that is widely recognized as an excellent conductor of electricity.

Did you know? Many people think a penny is made from copper sheet metal, but did you know that most “copper” pennies minted post 1982 are 97.5% Zinc, with only a small amount of copper plating?

Copper sheet metal is 100% recyclable, but copper sheet metal prices are notorious for being very volatile, so please inquire about current pricing.

  • Appearance is reddish orange in pure form. When exposed to humidity copper will patina to a bluish green. In relatively dry climates, such as Denver, copper sheet metal tends to naturally turn dark brown-black. Patina can be achieved artificially, by means of application of chemicals to speed up the process, and many pre-painted steel sheets are painted to mimic the patina look, or that of a worn penny. These sheets may or may not come with any PVC film. Please inquire.
  • Uses include: Roofing, Siding, Bar Tops.
X = Normally stocked item
*= Birmingham Gauge Standard B.W.G.
Gauge (thickness)3′ X 10′
4′ X 10′







Zinc Sheet Metal

Zinc sheet metal is a non sparking, corrosion resistant sheet metal that is used primarily in outdoor architectural applications. This metal is easily formable, however in colder temperatures, may fracture when formed. Zinc sheet metal is an environmentally friendly metal due to its low production impacts, and ability to be 100% recycled. Make particular note that Zinc Galvanized is a form of coated steel product, thus vastly different from pure Zinc sheet metal sheets listed here within the soft metals category.

  • Appearance is a dull blue grey color. Has a slight linear grain to the sheet. These sheets typically come with PVC film.
  • Uses include: Wall Panels, Roof Panels, Trim
X = Normally stocked item
Gauge (thickness)3.28′ X 10′ (39.4″X120″)

or 0.027″)


Why don’t we carry these other soft metals?


A metal alloy made of copper and zinc. Muntz (listed above) is a type of Brass. Commonly used for decorative purposes because it resembles gold, and although it may not be entirely cheap, it is much less expensive than Gold.


An alloy of copper an tin. Because of the mixture of tin, bronze is harder than copper by itself. Appearance is a very dull or dirty gold color. Bronze is typically used in sculptures or high friction areas where metal on metal is an issue.


Tin is an element by itself, but commonly light gauge steel is mistaken for tin due to silvery white color. It is most commonly used in specialized alloys such as bronze, or used as a solder. Pewter is an alloy of primarily tin (85-99%), with remaining % copper.