Sheet Metal Fabrication

Does your fabricator know metal like H&H Metals?

Your new metal fabricator, H&H Metals

H&H Metals is your one stop shop for all your metal fabrication needs. Whether your project is large or small, we take the same care to ensure quality in every project that moves across our floor. Metal fabrication is both an art and a science. One can only master this through experience, education, capability, and efficiency. Is your metal shop up to the task? Have a look at why H&H Metals is all of these, and more!

What makes a great metal fabricator?

  • Using the correct machine for the job
    Great metal fabrication starts with great tools.

    We have an extensive array of capabilities, ensuring every aspect of your project is executed efficiently. There is no such thing as one-machine-that-does-everything. Certain types of machines are much better at tasks than others. We have the correct tool on the floor ready to tackle your project, resulting in less expense, and faster turnaround.

  • Having the right metal in stock
    You can’t sell metal out of an empty wagon.

    While lack of in-stock product results in long lead times at many metal shops, we have hundreds of rack arms of sheet metal stock on hand, and ready to deploy for your project. We also have daily deliveries from our vendors, so even small orders make it on the floor in a relatively short period of time.

  • Employing experienced metal fabricators
    Knowledge is everything in the metal business.

    The best metal fabrication machinery or software in the world is nothing without the experience to run it properly. Our metal fabricators have years of experience in all aspects of sheet metal fabrication. We constantly train our fabricators in safe machinery operation, material applications, and efficient and proper technique. Many of our fabricators have been with H&H for quite a few years. Trust that your project is in good hands. Our fabricators have the knowledge, training, and skill to do the job right.

  • Communicating effectively
    Constantly in touch.  Be in the know with your metal fabricator.

    At H&H, we believe you should know:

    • That your fabricator understands your needs
    • Your order’s estimated completion date
    • Every aspect of every part that you need fabricated

    Is your metal fabricator communicating these details to you?

    H&H Metals communicates directly with you via our proprietary O.T.I.S. software. E-mail communication is automatically sent to key personnel in your company, so everyone knows that your metal is going to be how you want it, when you want it. Gone are the days of constantly making follow up telephone calls to make sure things are on track. When we enter your order, you receive an acknowledgment showing the profile of your fabrications and type of materials to use, among other key aspects of your project. Account holders are notified of their order completion status in real time. You’re notified of your project’s completion at the same time our office is notified.

    Keep up with the pace of business. Be in the know. Choose H&H Metals as your metal fabricator.