Powder Coated Aluminum Sunshade Finish

We offer the finest industrial powder coat finishes available for aluminum on all of our sunshade systems. Our sunshade finish color charts provide a multitude of colors to enhance your building’s look. H&H Metals coats all of our sunshades with a Superdurable powder coat paint, that meets or exceeds AAMA 2604 performance specifications. This provides excellent gloss retention, similar to Flouropon (AMMA 2605) paint. It also offers enhanced resistance to fading & chalking, even in the most demanding environments.

We are so confident in our finish, we offer a 20 year limited warranty on adhesion loss, and a 10 year warranty for gloss retention. This finish system matches the warranty and rivals the quality of Kynar PVDF (AMMA 2605) systems. See the comparison chart on sunshade paint finish options side by side. Some metal finishers only apply conventional polyester (TGIC) powder coat systems.  Polyester paint simply will not last outdoors, as it is most commonly used for interior applications.

Make sure your sunshade finish of choice is a Superdurable (AAMA 2604) product.

Here’s a comparison between conventional Polyester Powdercoat (TGIC), Superdurable, and Kynar (PVDF).

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Color charts (click to download PDF)

Sunshade Finish

Aluminum Sunshades in Anodized finishes?

What about Anodized Sunshade finishes?

We do not offer an anodized sunshade finish options for two reasons:

  1. We provide a mechanically fastened louver blade system. Mechanically fastened blades, eliminate unsightly weld marks. As a result, this provides a very clean looking sunshade. We also use stainless screw fasteners for attachment of the blades, which reacts unfavorably during the anodizing process. Because of the superiority of a sunshade finished in assembled units, we cannot offer a true anodized shade. Keep in mind that shades that are held together with welds, do not anodize uniformly at the welds.  This creates unsightly color differences.
  2. Our outriggers are made from high strength T6061 alloy to withstand loading of the sunshade system at the sunshade clip. The sunshade extrusion blades are T6063 alloy, since that is what is required for extruding. These two alloys anodize at different rates, so color differences become evident.

You will find a multitude of painted colors that will match most window systems. The most common are Anodized Silver, Champagne, and Dark Bronze metallic colors. See the Tiger Drylac series 38 colors above for options to match anodized finishes.