Sheet Metal Fabrication is what we do best!

You probably have never seen sheet metal fabrication done quite like this. Get ready, this is going to be easy.

We stock many types and thicknesses of sheet metal to cut lead times. Our material turn-around on smaller orders (1-50 pcs) is 1-2 days. Medium orders (50-1000) are usually done in 2-4 days. We normally provide this service to our clients at a T&M basis for two reasons. First, it normally takes longer for us to estimate the cost of the metal (especially on smaller orders) than it does to actually produce it. For larger quantities, or projects where you absolutely have to have a quote, we are happy to provide one. Second, and most important, it will cost you far less to have us make it and only bill you for exactly what you use.

We track all of our jobs electronically for both materials and time. At the end of the job, we compile an invoice including all the data. It is common for a normal small job to be completed and invoiced in 2 days. If we do quote the job, we bill you based on the quote, even if we complete it faster than we estimated. We understand that this takes a trust factor to base a contract on T&M. We will gladly quote the first few jobs, then compare them to you what you would be saving if your job were done on a T&M basis. Trust us! There is a reason almost all of our customers operate on T&M. That reason is time and money.

We custom fabricate your trim to your drawings.

Please download a copy of our sheet metal fabrication order form. This makes it super easy to gather all the information we need to process your order. The really great part is the checklist that reminds you about all the things you may forget. This eliminates those pesky back and forth e-mails. The forms have a special grid design that makes it easy to sketch on. When you fax, scan, or copy, the grid disappears. All that is left is a clean, crisp drawing that can be directly imported into the production order. If the drawing is clear enough, we can save quite a bit of time (read: your money) by not having to recreate the drawings.

Make a simple drawing of your part, including the following information:

  • Material Type:  Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Copper
  • Material Grade or Alloy:  Specify any particular material grades. For example 50ksi A572, A36, 5052, 6061,
  • Color or finish of material:
    • If the part has a finish on the surface, or is anodized, then indicate color side.
    • If part needs painting, indicate surfaces that require paint, and where are good places to drill hang holes.
  • Drawing of your parts:
    • Profile Section Drawing
    • 3 view drawing
    • Flat Pattern Drawing
  • Indicate dimensions on your drawing.
    • Include critical dimensions & applicable tolerances.
    • Specify if dimensions are OD (outside dimension) or ID (inside dimension). If not explicit, the dimensions you draw in between flanges will be made ID, and dimensions outside of flanges will be made OD.
    • Indicate dimensions on all flanges, as well as pertinent overall dimensions desired on parts.
  • If hems are present, indicate if the hems should be closed hems or open hems.
  • Include bend angles on all bends that are not 90 degrees. It is best to use included angles whenever possible since that is what we input on the press brakes.
included angle

Always specify the included angle in your drwings

Types of companies that need good sheet metal fabrication:

  • Glass & Glazing Contractors – Window Drip and Stool Trim, corner flashing, curtain wall clips, embeds, stiffening metal.
  • Overhead Door Contractors-  Jamb Covers, Door Stiffeners, Coiling door covers.
  • Metal Roofers –  Gutters, Parapet Cap, Riglet, Rock Stop, Scuppers, Downspouts.
  • Insulation Contractors & Suppliers-  Zee metal, subgirts, strapping angles
  • Metal Panel Installers – Base angle, Drip, Corner Trim, Window & Door Trim, Parapet Caps.
  • Metal Building Contractors & Erectors – Base Flashing, Gutters, Ridge Cap, Door Trim.
  • Plant Supervisors & Maintenance Professionals – Safety guards, Corner guards.
  • Siding Installers – Drip trim & flashing, sub girts (zees or hat channels)

Some examples of sheet metal fabrication products we provide:

  • Metal Wall Panels- Pre-finished, Galvanized, Galvalume, Perforated
  • Miscellaneous Trim- Pre-finished Steel & Painted Aluminum, Galvanized, Galvalume, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Cap
    • Parapet Cap
    • Metal Coping
    • Ridge Cap
    • Chimney Cap
  • Flashing
    • Drip Flashing
    • Sill Flashing
    • Stool Trim
  • Cleats
  • Sub girts we make to custom offsets
    • Zee Girts
    • Hat Channel section
  • Gutter
  • Downspout
    • Corrugated: 3×4 or 4×5 sizes
      • Pipe Leaders
      • Elbows both A & B style
      • Offsets
    • Open face downspout
    • Scuppers
    • Collector Boxes
    • Diverters