Welding Services:

We have certified welders on staff to perform the following operations.

Steel:  Mig (GMAW) , Arc (SMAW)
Stainless Steel:  Tig (GTAW)
Aluminum:  Mig (pulsewave) , Tig (GTAW)
Composites: Hot Air Welding PE

It’s not just that we have welders here. We have welders that are fabricators, and true craftsmen. Not only are your parts going to be structurally sound, they are going to look beautiful as well! Working in a shop like ours, you’d better be able to do more than just lay a pretty bead, because the actual welding is only a small portion of the overall product. Any good welder will tell you that proper fabrication and weld prep is key to an overall excellent weld. Peruse the gallery below and you will see first hand the quality you should come to expect from your metal fabricator. We think H&H Metals should be your new source for welding and we hope you agree.

We have all the right equipment to get the job done correctly, including layout tables built especially for jigging, so parts are held true, and repeated with ease. Over top of our welders sitting adjacent to the sawing operations are 2 bridge cranes to handle your projects large and small. So whether you are in need of a small clip or embed, or something larger like an entire canopy, H&H Metals has you covered.

Resistance Spot Welding:

This type of weld bonds thin sheets of metal within a very small circular area. The benefits of spot welding are that there is little or no arc, and the weld requires no secondary grinding operation. We utilize this method to join steel, stainless steel, galvanized, or galvannealed steel sheets together. Spot welding is not recommended for pre painted stock, because it is still a burning operation.

Resistance Spot Welder

Metal Resistance Spot Welder


Our welding rigs include Mig, Tig, and Pulsewave units.

Welding Equipment

Stud Welding:

No, we are not talking about our stud welders, although they are studs! We are talking about studs that embed into concrete. Nelson studs!

Welding Nelson Studs onto Steel Concrete Embeds

Stud Welding Nelson Studs

Seriously, though, we weld studs onto any shape of embed imaginable.  We weld studs to angle, tubing, plate, or whatever your design calls for. We use a weld stud gun, mounted to an arm specially made to weld the studs truly vertical against the surface. This improves quality and reliability of the design.