Laser Cutting – Sheet Metal & Plate

What is laser cutting?

Laser Cutting is a highly accurate, and very fast process. By focusing light that is more intense than the sun, we can cleanly cut a variety of metal sheet and plate with ease. Laser cutting is an ideal method to process ferrous metals such as steel and stainless steel sheet & plate. Laser cutting produces a dross free edge with minimal rake. Create any 2D part imaginable by uploading your vector artwork (AutoCAD .dwg / .dxf) into the software and watch the excitement unfold.

Why Laser cut my parts?

There are so many good reasons for laser cutting.


Laser cut sheet metal parts are very accurate.  Often within 0.005″, your parts are cut with minimal, or no apparent rake angle.  This is especially helpful in applications where parts must nest together, or for a weldments that need to be held square.


Laser cutting is a truly impressive process. There is a glass wall around this machine for a reason. The head moves at 12,000 inches per minute, or 16.6 feet per second above the material. That means that the head travels the entire length of the table in less than a second!

Cutting speeds: Depends on material type, thickness, and process, but let’s just say the actual cutting speed is impressive.

Size matters

Our laser has a 6′ x 12′ (nominal) table, so we can cut a wide variety of sheet sizes. In fact, this is one of the largest lasers you will find in the Denver, Colorado region.

Etching Capability

Etching your parts is a great way to assist in welding layout, or bending operations. We can also etch part numbers, or logo identification directly into your parts so everyone knows that it is your product.

*Note that etching is not applicable to aluminum. Only steel and stainless steel products.*

The "Hole" Story: Why are you still drilling?

Laser cutting is a very efficient way to create holes and slots in metal. Gone is the age old convention of not being able to punch a hole smaller than the plate thickness. With a laser you can now avoid time consuming secondary drilling operations, by creating accurate holes during the cutting process. Because laser cutting holds such little cut rake angle, holes are true to size throughout the part. This isn’t the case with plasma cut parts, where a large rake angle creates problems with bolt holes and general fit.

Laser Cutting Equipment & Capabilities

Cincinnati CL440 – 4000W CO2 Laser

  • Size:  78.75″ x 157.5″ (Work piece Dimensions)
    • Dual Pallet Shuttle Table: Allows sheets to be loaded and unloaded while machine still cuts, dramatically increasing machine cutting time.
  • Material Capacity:
  • Cutting Speeds: Depends on material and process, but lets just say it’s impressive!
  • Assist Gasses: Compressed Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen

Laser Cutting:

Video of Laser Cutting 16 ga Steel:

Laser Cut Parts: