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Metal Sawing

Because Getting it to the right length is usually the first step when it comes to aluminum extrusion cutting and steel stock cutting.

We have the ability to saw cut aluminum extrusions and steel stock.

Metal Sawing: Aluminum Extrusion Cutting

Aluminum extrusion saw cutting is performed on our CNC double miter cut saw. This saw enables us to cut both sides of the extrusion at one time either mitered or straight cuts. If the part is short, then the saw will cleat cut extrusions into small parts. The saw also re-positions to cut extrusions longer than the saw itself. This ensures that the saw cut aluminum extrusions are very accurate in both length and angle.  For compound miter cut extrusions, we have specially made our own saw. This saw can cut very large extrusions with high accuracy.

Specifications & Capability:

  • Length:
    • Single Head (Cleat Cutting): No minimum
    • Dual Head Cutting
      • One Cut, no re-position: 18″ @ 90º
      • Two Cuts, with re-position: No Maximum, but try to keep under 30′ for handling reasons
    • Head Angles: 22.5° External From Horizontal / 45° Internal From Horizontal (see image)
    • Profile Capacity: (See Chart image)

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Metal Sawing: Steel Cutting Band Saw – Horizontal

Steel saw cutting takes place via band saw. We have an automatic band saw that repetitively cuts steel stock to length. We can saw cut steel tube, angle, channel, bar, flats, rounds, and wide flange members to length to prepare for welding or drilling operations.

Capacity of Band Saws:

  • Profile Capacity:
    • 90° Rectangle (H x W):  13″ x 18″
    • 45° Rectangle (H x W):  13″ x 10.75″
    • 90° Round:  13.5″∅
    • 45° Round:  13″∅
  • Length Capacity: 45′-0″ Maximum

Automatic Metal Band Saw

Single Head Miter Saw

Metal Sawing Denver

Horizontal Metal Band Saw – Manual

Single Head Miter Saw


Metal Sawing: Steel Cutting Band Saw – Vertical

Our vertical band saw makes quick work of the occasional need to notch or cope cut a steel tube or angle. We primarily use this for thinner gauge sheet metal as well.

Vertical Metal Band Saw

Metal Band Saw Vertical