CNC Routing Aluminum

CNC Routing Aluminum

“Similar to a router you have at your house, on steroids.”

Our CNC Router is ideal for cutting aluminum, and also other non ferrous metals. CNC routers have the capability of creating virtually any shape, design, or logo. We can easily cut and duplicate parts with very high precision. This machine is built for metal panel fabrication, but can also tackle signage, or even smaller clip fabrication. The advantage that CNC Routing has over other cutting methods(such as laser cutting and water jet cutting) is that depth is controllable. This enables us to cut grooves and add shoulders, as well as perform countersink operations.

We use this machine to cut Aluminum Composite Panels, Aluminum Honeycomb panels, Spandrel Panels, and Aluminum Plate & Sheet. The router only cuts metals that are non ferrous. That means we must use other methods such as laser cutting for  steel and stainless steel sheets. CNC routing is, however, an excellent process to cut painted aluminum, since it does not use heat that would otherwise damage the finish. Water based coolant mist is used in applications where necessary.

CNC Design and router cutting process

First we draw our design geometry in AutoCAD, and then export them to a tool path program.  Alternatively, if you have your drawings already in CAD, then forward us the .dxf file of the panels you need cut.  The CAD file may contain all the panels you need on one drawing, or separate files for each part. After import, the parts are nested onto a plate, to ensure minimal material waste. Finally, the program is built, and subsequently sent to the router for cutting. Vacuum pressure holds larger parts to the table when they are being cut. Smaller parts may require screws or special fixtures to properly hold in place. An 8 bit tool changer enables the machine to change tools automatically, therefore reducing overall cut time.

Machine Specifications: