What are flat seam metal panels?

Flat seam interlocking metal panels are a metal panel that locks together giving the look of a sheet metal shingle. Often, these panels are called metal shingles, but since they are not suitable for roofing, they are a metal panel, and not a shingle. This type of system conceals any fasteners, hence it provides a very clean looking wall.

We custom fabricate our own flat seam panels out of flat sheet metal to best suit your project. Panels are used as exterior cladding, or interior wall decoration. We make panels from a wide variety of materials such as prefinished steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper. H&H will make your metal flat seam panels as large or small as you require to achieve your desired look. We have even made trapezoidal shaped flat seam metal panels that are designed to wrap around curved walls. Best practice is to be flexible on panel size, so the panels can utilize all of the flat sheet. The effect of proper panel sizing is a reduction of waste, and consequently cost as well.

How to design with flat seam metal panels.

Panels are laser cut for accuracy and repeat-ability, and folded by CNC press bakes. Clips are also made to fit seamlessly into the metal panel system. Typically, flat seam metal panels are installed over plywood substrate, in a progressive, coursed pattern. We recommend plywood, because other substrates make it difficult to locate clips as needed. Each flat seam metal panel uses 3 clips minimum (1 on the side, and 2 on the top) to keep it in place. Because this is a progressive metal panel installation, flat seam metal panels should not be installed where they are likely to be damaged due to impact forces. Installers should also avoid 4 way joints at all costs with these metal panels, because of how the panels join together.

H&H Metals will provide design assistance with your specific project, to give you a beautiful, concealed fastener system that will last for many years.

Representative Projects:

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Science & Technology Building – Golden, CO
  • St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church – (Stapleton) Denver, CO

Flat seam metal panels on a cone.

NREL Science & Technology Building

flat seam metal panels

Flat Seam Metal Panels

St. Stephens Baptist Church