Stay cool with aluminum sunshades for your next project

With the soaring cost of energy, it is important to reduce your building’s expenses. Add aluminum sunshades to your design to keep your building cool and comfortable while giving a sleek and modern architectural look. These low maintenance aluminum sunscreens let diffused natural daylight in while keeping out the heat. Sunshades can eliminate the need for window treatments such as blinds, tinting, or curtains.  The real benefit of aluminum sunshades is the reduced cooling load your building will experience.  If designed early on, HVAC systems can typically be much smaller than otherwise specified, saving a great deal of capital cost and ongoing energy in cooling.

We design and manufacture our aluminum sunshades for projects throughout the United States. We also design & supply sunshade clips to attach to your building’s structural system in-house. Most sunscreen suppliers stop at the screen only and list the attachment method “by others.” With H&H supplying your sunshades you get a complete turnkey package. You install the clips, and while the building process is continuing with exterior finishes, we custom cut each shade section to fit from your field verified dimensions. The result: better looking product in about 1/4 of the time of conventional sunscreen manufacturers. Many contractors purchase sunshades and are surprised to find out that the attachment clips are not included. If you are looking for a complete solution to your sunscreen project, look no further than H&H Metals.

Advantages of an architectural aluminum sunshade:

  • Appearance
    • Projecting sunshades give high tech curb appeal that distinguishes your building from others.
    • An architectural signature for your building.
    • Eliminate the hassle of window treatments such as blinds or curtains.
    • Re-direct and deflect sunlight from entering your windows.
  • Environmental benefits
    • Reduce summer heat gain while inviting winter sun inside. This saves energy by using natural light while reducing demand for air conditioning.
    • Materials used are made from recycled material, and all aluminum sunshades are 100% recyclable.
  • Install method

    (Note installation services are not included.)

    • Lightweight aluminum design allows cantilever sunscreen design, similar to a metal awning.
    • Units are pre-assembled to the fullest possible extent at the factory.
    • In-house shop drawings ensure accurate install with short lead times.
    • Built in thermal expansion in each section so your sunshades don’t damage exterior walls.
  • Economic benefits
    • Aluminum sun control devices reduce a building’s operating costs not only by reducing utility costs, but also in replacement costs of window treatments that are a constant maintenance headache.
    • Buildings that have aluminum sunshades have an enhanced asset value due to curb appeal and lower operating expenses.
    • Improved employee productivity and satisfaction due to a more comfortable and healthy atmosphere and a better view from windows.
    • Aluminum sunshades require much less back up structural support than conventional shade awnings due to their lightweight design and the ability to block the sun while letting snow and rain pass through.
    • Super durable powder coat finishes will last for many years of maintenance free use.
  • Customization
    • Our sunshades are specifically made for your project. Shades can be mitered around corners, made to align with storefront mullions, and even sectionalized around larger radiused buildings.
    • Choose from a selection of blade fascias and blade profiles. Outriggers are custom designed to accommodate the architectural look or your project.
      • Blade profiles:
        • Airfoils: 4″, 6″ , 8″, 10″, 12″, 18″
        • Rectangular Tube: 2×4 , 2×6 , 2×8
      • Fascia profiles:
        • Rectangular Tubing: 2×4 , 2×6, 2×8
        • Round Tubing: 4″, 3″

H&H Metals Sunshades vs. The Other Guys

Comparison of sunshade design and construction options

What exactly makes a well built sunshade? We here at H&H Metals believe a multitude of things can make a great project for all, or a great headache if not understood up front. Understanding the scope of a sunshade project can be a daunting task. We have created the following checklist to use to ensure you are getting the sunshade specified correctly.

Also please download a suggested specification for your shades to include in your project.


Are clips included in the price?
Made in the USA of domestic products?
Blade fastening type
Paint finish
Built-in thermal expansion?
Cover plates included?
Shades shipped as assembled units?
Product warranty
Finish warranty
Lead time on material shipment
Engineering analysis

H&H Metals

Upfront pricing and excellent service
Are clips included in the price? : Yes!
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Made in the USA of domestic products? : Yes!
Our products are designed, fabricated, and finished in Denver, Colorado.
Blade fastening type : Mechanically screwed with countersunk stainless steel fasteners
Paint finish : One coat primer
One coat super durable powder coat
(AMMA 2604)
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Built-in thermal expansion? : Yes!
At each shade section, +/- 1/8"
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Cover plates included? : Yes!
Covering blade fasteners
Shades shipped as assembled units? : Yes!
Product warranty : 1 year
Finish warranty : 20-year adhesion
10-year gloss retention
Lead time on material shipment : Usually 4-6 weeks after approved field dimensions
Engineering analysis: Yes!: Sunshade sections and connection to clip
No: Connection to structure (clip is designed by H&H, but analyzed by engineer of record)

The Other Guys

What do you get?
Are clips included in the price? : Usually not.
Made in the USA of domestic products? : Check this. Sometimes they say designed in USA, but they are made elsewhere.
Blade fastening type : Welded or Screwed?
Paint finish :
Built-in thermal expansion? : Usually they have not thought about this.
Cover plates included? : Usually cut out as a cost saving measure, and looks terrible!
Shades shipped as assembled units? : This is a biggie. Usually shipped as stock lengths for you to fabricate!
Product warranty :
Finish warranty : Probably similar to us, even if they tout Flouropon finishes.
Lead time on material shipment : Typically 12-14 weeks post field dimensions as a general rule, but ask!
Engineering analysis:
  • Ours
  • Theirs

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