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Light Shelf - BrightShelf

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BrightShelf® Light Shelf- A product of H&H Metals

An advance in the science of daylighting and light shelf design, welcome BrightShelf®. The BrightShelf® light shelf daylighting system reduces the need for electric lighting, therefore saving energy. It also minimizes the demand on cooling systems due to solar heat gain. BrightShelf®, a passive solar device that redirects sunlight onto the interior ceiling, creates a superior ambient source of natural daylight.

Why is the BrightShelf® Light Shelf shaped like that?

Optically shaped to maximize performance, our unique Ogee curve sets the new standard of light shelf design. Because of the ogee shape, it casts light into a room much farther than conventional flat light shelves. The ogee curve, initially a concave curve followed by a convex curve, is especially effective at directing light. The BrightShelf® utilizes this patented optical shape to direct sunlight that hits the initial concave surface deep into the building space. Light that also hits the concave portion is directed back toward the shelf. This, in effect, double washes the ceiling with natural daylight in a very even pattern. Because the angle of the shelf curve is constantly changing, the sun light rays are precisely cast in a multitude of angles, regardless of solar altitude or azimuth.

Flat light shelves do not spread the light out. This creates a hot spot on the ceiling. Their answer? Use a material that diffuses light at the shelf. BrightShelf® is different because we incorporates a highly reflective surface on the shelf. Because of the smooth reflection pattern, light scatters well inside the building, not at the light shelf surface. If you scatter the light at the lighshelves, then some of that light goes right out the window!

The result: A superior amount of actual and perceived natural daylight, projected deep into the building space.

Our light shelf system brings the true potential of daylight harvesting to the forefront of building design.

For new construction or retrofit applications, BrightShelf® lightshelves make an excellent choice. It’s also ideal for commercial spaces such as office, retail, institutional, or manufacturing space. BrightShelf® works anywhere that sunlight is cast upon a window surface. BrightShelf’s® lightweight design and unique attachment clips make it quick and easy to install to a variety of substrates. This includes vertical curtain wall mullions, storefront, studs, or masonry. For both punch window applications (single window units), or as continuous segments in a run of a window system, use BrightShelf® and enjoy the light!

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U.S. Patent: 8,027,092B1

BrightShelf® a registered trademark of H&H Enterprises, Inc.