Perforated Metal Screen Wall

Denver Pavilions- “Great Wall” – Denver, CO

This perforated metal screen wall is truly spectacular! Standing 100 feet in the air, 30 feet tall, and spanning over 300 feet long, is a landmark of the Downtown Denver Skyline. It showcases a retail space that is 3 stories tall and 2 city blocks wide located on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, CO.  Often you see this wall showcased on TV during prime time nationally televised sporting events.  It is also common in photography of the Mile High city.

At night the entire sign is back lit. Shades of purple, red, blues, greens, and yellows are cast upon its face. H&H built a mock-up to test the color, corrugation, and perforation of these panels. This ensured that the final product would not only back light properly, but the light cast upon the face of the wall would also appear. The colors make the whole street dance with excitement.

Prefabricated perforated metal panels are the answer

Prefabricated in our shop, these perforated metal screen wall panels varied in length due to the curve. Rubber spacers were made to keep the aluminum panels out of contact with the structural steel frame. This prevents galvanic corrosion from occurring. Hanging the panels poses a challenge that H&H met head on. Special scaffolding brackets were designed & engineered that hang off of the sign. This was a necessity due to the limited lift access around the project. The end result is a breathtaking sight to be sure.

The owners must have really liked the initial great wall design. H&H was selected to do the perforated metal screen walls when the Denver Pavilions was expanded. Escalators were put on each side of the project. This allows better access to the shops by helping funnel foot traffic into the site. We are just as proud today of how this job turned out as we were when it was built. It stands today as probably one of the most iconic landmark projects in Denver.