Modular Display Walls – American Furniture Warehouse

Vignettes – Englewood, CO

These prefabricated modular display walls, or vignettes, are designed to allow the customer to easily configure, and reconfigure, their showroom at will.

This furniture retailer came to us with a problem. They were using conventionally built stud and drywall rooms. They were costly to reconfigure.  They also didn’t want their showroom floor to be under constant construction while it was open for business. We designed these prefabricated modular display walls to easily be moved, as if the walls, themselves, were furniture.

The modular display walls were fabricated as ready to assemble sections, to make 2 or 4 room dividers to showcase their product line.   We provided pre-wired sections, including both corrugated metal wall panels, and wood tops to show off room accessories that were also for sale.  The customer was obviously thrilled at the outcome, and can now use their own labor forces to do reconfiguration that would have taken craftsmen to do before.

The walls were made from light weight metal stud framing and custom fabricated sheet metal track.  The wall panels were corrugated metal panels and the tops were removable wood stained and varnished.  The look is ultra modern, to resemble urban living environments.