Prefabricated Enrty Canopy – SkyWest Hangar

Colorado Springs, CO

This prefabricated entry canopy overhangs the main entrance of the SkyWest Airlines maintenance hangar at the Colorado Springs, Colorado airport. It is modeled after a full size airplane wing. This prefabricated entry canopy was designed and built entirely in our facility. The photos below show the canopy loaded on the truck ready for shipment to the job site, and the finished product in place on site.

The entry canopy was built from structural steel skeleton with plywood skin, wrapped in aluminum composite material. Spars were CNC routed to profile to ensure proper shape. The legs of the canopy were designed to be welded on site back to the base, to make transportation of the prefabricated entry canopy possible. The joke in the shop was if the trailer would experience any liftoff during the trip down to Colorado Springs. We are happy to report this was not the case, and as you can see a successful project was accomplished.

As you can imagine, this project just would not have looked right if attempted on site. We were glad the contractor was open to our suggestion of prefabricating this canopy. We were able to hold much tighter tolerances, and overall the finished project looks amazing!