Noodles & Company

Salt Lake City, UT

Prefab metal canopy with identity signage

This prefab metal canopy project is a design and fabrication of 3 modular sections. For this design the architect incorporated a variety of colors and materials into this canopy that was to be attached to an existing storefront. H&H Metals brought the architect’s vision for this prefab metal canopy to reality.

We fabricate all the structural steel, metal panels, wood siding, and roofing in our facility. The structure was then transported a state away and set on site via crane. To ensure proper fit with the complex geometry of the existing structure, careful attention to detail was paramount. H&H drew up detailed shop drawings to show every aspect of fit and finish to ensure proper fit and look. The main wood clad signage portion was tilted on 2 sides, creating interest and depth, while allowing an elevated signage presence among a crowded street. The accent panel is fabricated from steel metal angle and Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP). The roof feature is also aluminum composite panel clad with EPDM roofing and also an integrated roof drain that is hidden from view by the side feature.

Overall a very successful project that really stands out from the crowd.